Trisha On Her Work
“If I’m beginning to sound like a bricklayer with a sense of humor, you’re beginning to understand my work.”

"Do my movement and my thinking have an intimate connection? First of all, I don’t think my body doesn’t think."

"It was a joke in the dressing rooms at Judson. We were all naming categories of visual art practitioners and someone said we were doing “postmodern dance” at Judson. We all cracked up and no one countered us."
*On the origin of the term "postmodern dance", Interview with John Killacky, 2009

"[At Judson] I didn't want to be marshaled in a certain direction by music. You know: music makes you dance. That's cheating!"
*Interview with John Schaefer, WNYC, 2010

“I decided I should make the structure as visible as the dancing."
*Quoted by Lisa Kraus, Dance Magazine, 2005

“I don’t just come in with my holsters loaded with charcoal. I get involved in the mystery of space. I have the same adrenaline and heartbeat going as I enter the paper as I do going onstage.”
*On her visual art

“I’m trying to make the perfect dance, that’s what drives me.”

“Value the process.”
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Trisha On Collaborator Robert Rauschenberg
"I make order out of chaos, Bob makes chaos out of order, and where we meet is chaos.”

“Bob isn’t one person. He is a kaleidoscope of impulses and the manifestation of the facets of the kaleidoscope-- always sliding, always on the move.”

Conversation between Trisha and Robert:
RR: What did I just say?
TB: I wasn’t listening Bob.
RR: What did I say just now?
TB: I don’t know.
RR: Give me a word, any word, and I’ll run with it!
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Others On Trisha
"Works by Brown don't just challenge our perceptions; they expand our minds and untether our spirits."
*Deborah Jowitt, Village Voice, 2010

"As you try to track [Brown's] dancers though the rules of each work, the experience is as intellectually enthralling as it is beautiful to watch."
*Judith Mackrell, Guardian, 2002

"It is sometimes overlooked that along with her risk-taking intelligence and avid curiosity, Ms Brown…can be a comedian. Stepping back in time with her art is a wild ride, not just because of how the work has held up, but also because of how wittily relevant it remains."
*Gia Kourlas, New York Times, 2010
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